Shocked Jock

Director, Writer, Producer

A graduate of the University of Michigan and an award winning screenwriter, Michael J. Warner has expanded into becoming an overall filmmaker with his first 16-minute HD short called “Shocked Jock.”

He directed, wrote and produced the piece which was just accepted as an official selection in the Newport Beach Film Festival where the film “Crash” made it’s U.S. debut last year.

Michael began his career as a staff accountant in the consolidation department at Paramount Communications. After working as a p.a. on “Sex and the City” for one season, Michael landed at Air Sea Land Productions, Inc. (ASL) where after four quick years he has become Director of Operations.

He is currently developing several ASL productions both for HDTV and for direct-to-market DVDs.

Screenwriting Contest History

SEMI-FINALIST - Writers Network Screenplay Contest

FINALIST (TOP TEN) - Co. Screenwriting Competition
FINALIST - The Writers Foundation America's Best Screenwriting Contest

FINALIST (7th or 8th) - Texas Film Institute screenplay comp.
FINALIST (4th place) - Scriptapalooza TV for an original drama
SEMI-FINALIST (13th place) - Scriptapalooza TV for an original sitcom
QUARTER-FINALIST - Scriptapalooza TV for a spec script
FINALIST - Acclaim TV for an original series
SEMI-FINALIST - American Accolades TV for a spec script
SEMI-FINALIST - Square Magazine TV Contest for an original series

FINALIST (7th & 8th place) - The Writers Foundation America's Best Contest for original TV dramas
SEMI-FINALIST - Scriptapalooza screenplay competition

SEMI-FINALIST (TOP 15%) - Chesterfield Writers Film Project
FINALIST - The Writers Foundation America's Best Contest for original TV sitcom and drama

QUARTER-FINALIST (TOP 15%)- Lone Star Screenplay Competition

FINALIST - Writers Foundation Contest for original TV sitcom

SEMI-FINALIST - Writers Network Contest/dramatic screenplay

Derek Roché graduated Circle in the Square Theatre School where he also apprenticed to teach under master teacher Alan Langdon. He is a member of the international theatre company The Voyage Project with director Peter Goldfarb.

Recently, Derek played the lead role in the indie feature Bellclair Times as well as the lead in the High Definition short “Shocked Jock,” which is an official selection of the 2006 Newport Beach Film Festival. Currently, he is acting in “American Standard,” an indie comedy feature that is in principal photography.

Derek is a sculptor, photographer, lover of all things art, Disney, travel, Van Gogh, and the amazingly talented Gina Marie Roché, his wife and inspiration. He is looking forward to the greatest role of his life, scheduled for April of 2006—Fatherhood.

A graduate of Circle in the Square Theatre School (New York), Summer also studied at NYU, The Barrow Group, The Film Center and the American Musical Dramatic Academy (on scholarship). Summer is a Managing Partner of Choice Films (and the founder of its pre-cursor, Choice Productions), which has produced various multi-media theatre and film projects in New York and Tennessee. CHOICE'S first theatrical production, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, had a successful run at The Mint Theatre Space off-Broadway. Shortly following, CHOICE produced a dual run of Between the Lines, a multi-media theatre piece combining five one-act plays and five short films, which premiered at the Krider Performing Arts Center in Tennessee before running at Saint Clements Theatre in New York City.

Summer then co-produced, co-wrote and co-starred in TUNE iN, an original multimedia sketch comedy show combining theatre and film at Caroline's On Broadway, which played to a sold out audience. Following TUNE iN came Love Angst & the Way In, another multi-media show, at the 78th Street Theatre Lab in New York, followed by the From Stage to Screen Workshop Series entitled Looking for Limerance at the Trilogy Theatre.

Summer can be seen and heard in various television and radio commercial spots (over 60 in the last year) and her legit credits include: Stage: Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (Mona), Steel Magnolias (Shelby), Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (Georgeanne), Black Comedy (Carol), Guys & Dolls (Sarah Brown), The Fantasticks (Luisa), Paint Your Wagon (Jennifer), Pericles (Dionyza), As You Like It (Celia), Under Milkwood (Myfawny Price). Original Stage Premieres include: Love, Angst & the Way In (Luanne), Tune In (Samantha / Ensemble), Between the Lines (Alex), The Dogs (Jen), Looking for Limerance (Clara). Film & TV Credits: Dellaventura, Love Death & Other Annoyances, Cradle Will Rock, Celebrity, Eden Where I Stand, Couch Confessions, MTV Probe, Among Friends, and The Reunion.

DP, Underwater HD Shooter & Jib Operator

Anthony has been an integrator of camera imaging systems most of his life. He has designed and created new and unique camera systems for both water and land based applications. He was one of the first users of the Jimmy Jib camera crane and the Amphibicam HD housing, quickly mastering both to become one of the industries most sought after operator.

Anthony is passionate about High Definition and spends most of his time working with the format. Over the past 5 years, he has been working closely with underwater housing manufacturer Amphibico Inc. in Montreal, Canada- on designing the most technically advanced underwater High Definition housing on the market. Anthony has instructed underwater High Definition workshops with renowned underwater cinematographers Wes Skiles, Tom Campbell and Norbert Wu. He is also is an avid Scuba diver and free diver, "Every time I get a new camera, I've got to bring it down with me".

One of Anthony’s most recent underwater High Definition adventures included working with underwater DP-Wes Skiles on "The Cave", a feature film by Lakeshore Entertainment which was released in September 2005. Anthony worked as both second underwater camera operator and underwater systems technician. He also had a small underwater stunt-double role.

Anthony was Producer/Director of Photography/Camera operator for two recent one-hour documentaries named “On a Single Breath” & “Free Flight” for RUSH HD, on the VOOM satellite system.

He is the Executive Producer and Underwater Cameraman for an ASL Production titled "The Magic Pool" an underwater children’s adventure, directed by ASL Staff employee, Mark Britt. Anthony consults on several underwater HD projects for various features and independent production companies.

Anthony has also been DP on several recent music videos and commercials that have been shot in High Definition.

An HD short in which Anthony was assistant director and executive producer was just accepted as an official selection at the Newport Beach Film Festival which is where “Crash” made its U.S. debut last year.

In the last 15 years, Anthony has served in a variety of roles including: Director of Photography, Underwater Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Underwater Camera Operator, Jib Operator, Systems designer, Systems integrator, & video engineer. He also has extensive experience in single and multi-camera High Definition productions. He brings a rare level of professionalism to every production in which he's involved.

Between 1987 and 1992, Anthony was a staff member at All Mobile Video in NYC, where he gained valuable experience as a utility, camera operator and mobile unit maintenance technician. He later moved to South Florida to sharpen his skills as an underwater videographer.

His love for design and production led him back to New York, where in 1994, he started Air Sea Land Productions Inc- a company focused on his passions for videography and cinematography in the Air, under the Sea, and on Land. "I wanted to be one of the only companies in New York that clients would turn to when specialty cameras were needed. There are plenty of production houses in New York. We needed to be unique" says Lenzo. ASL's name is now recognized by virtually every production facility in the United States.

Anthony has created and designed many successful camera systems including the ‘RopeCam’ for ESPN's 1996-1998 Summer X-Games. This camera system won Anthony an Emmy award for Point-of-View technology in 1997. His latest integration consists of combining his knowledge of camera cranes and underwater imaging to create the ‘Pelicam’ - a jib arm that has the ability to start in the air and end its shot underwater or vise-versa. He has also designed the ‘SpeargunCam’, the ‘LobsterCam’, and the ‘BonoCam’- a wireless Point of View camera that he mounted to the glasses of U2's lead singer, Bono- for the 2001 Elevation Tour DVD. From Paragliding to Freediving, wakeboarding to Snowboarding, Anthony has participated and captured incredible images on many Extreme Sports that more than likely you have seen somewhere.

Currently, Anthony is in production on his own series of underwater High Definition DVD releases.

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